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Fly N’ Ride

Well a new adventure is on the horizon in the coming weeks.  Sold off some other bikes/items I haven’t been using  to some lucky new owners and came across a deal on a nicely modified Yamaha WR250R.  “Issue” being that it is located waaaay over in Phoenix, quite far from Michigan!!

On the positive side I have a bunch of airline mileage credits that need to be used before expiration so might as well make a fun trip out of this instead of just paying to ship it home

I’ll be flying into Arizona to meet with the owner, who has been extremely helpful in facilitating the Fly & Ride, load the bike up, visit with family in the area, then make the trip home via the scenic route.

No route is defined yet, but I want to make key visits to the Grand Canyon and the parks of Southern Utah and to Moab.   Beyond that I’ll travel through central Colorado again the book it right home.

Stay tuned for more updates!