She’s Home!

Well she finally made her way home!

First off must give some credit where credit is due and thank Randy & Tammy at Unique Rides along with Ural Corporate for all of their help getting the Ural sorted. is their website.  Without their help the Ural would most likely be sitting in my garage right now with a still broken engine and hefty tow bill.

The folks at Ural really stepped up offering to replace my engine on a bike didn’t even belong to the original owner nor was under any sort of warranty.  Ural rebuilt the engine with new rotating assembly, as well as even replaced my clutch with fresh parts for no charge.  My financial responsibility was to pay for the shipping costs and labor done by remove/install the engine.. quite a good deal in my opinion.

For a little recap; it was the crank bearing that let go causing bottom end knock.  Only a matter of time before the rest of the engine would ruin itself.

To get the bike home, I reached out to – a site I heard about after seeing the “Shipping Wars” TV show on TruTV.. there I made a posting and was contacted by Nelly from Kristopher Tours shipping.  We made an agreed upon price and she hauled the bike from Ft. Collins, CO to me in SW Michigan.  From the time to pick it up to my house was just 3 days.  I highly recommend her, she did a fantastic job.  A link to her uShip profile is:

Crank Bearing Cage Remnants
Flywheel Damage

I’m fortunate enough to have the other rig to ride in the meantime, so that’s just what Luna and I did!  Plenty of little trips around the area.

Luna helping change a tube
Making a visit to the Das Essenhaus car show in Middlebury, IN.
Bit of fall foliage.
Along Prairie River
Helping a turtle cross the road.
Autumn flowers
Trick or Treat

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