Ural Engine Update

It’s been about 2 months since the engine failure.. but some good and not so good events have happened in the time sense.

First off, talking with Randy we originally thought it may have just been an alternator bearing that dropped through the engine, but inspection resulted in that not being the case 😦

After hearing that I contacted IMZ-Ural HQ out in Redmond Washington about the issue, I was pleasantly surprised with an email response simply stating “We have contacted Randy at Unique Rides, expect a phone call shortly”.  Hmm…. a bit later Randy let me know that Ural has decided they are going to fix the engine, all I need to do is pay for the shipping costs!!! My motorcycle is out of warranty so this was GREAT news!

At first I thought Ural was shipping the parts to Randy to have it fixed there but was misunderstood in that regard.. Ural want’s to do the work themselves, so Randy took my engine out and as of this week the engine is currently in Washington to be serviced.  A bit of a wait but at least it’s in the best hands it can be.. from what I’ve heard the head mechanic Sergei is the master for these Urals.

Now just hoping after they get it serviced and back to Randy and put in, weather holds out for my return trip home.. if it looks like the delay will be longer I’ll probably just have the bike shipped home via uShip.om

To get my sidecar infatuation covered in the meantime I decided to put a bit of work into the older Sportsman.. The G424 150w alternator has been replaced with a unit out of a crafty guy in Romania (Vicktor) that uses a modern day 500w alternator with the headcase of the G424.. direct bolt on unit!!! Amazing.  Also scored a new Ducati ignition coil.  This along with the Type3 ignition already on the bike should be much more reliable than the G424 which wasn’t even pumping out enough to recharge my battery.

Picture done by my cousin Mark S. Johnson while out visiting in Boulder.  Love this picture!




Some shots I took off my camera since being home..


IMG_1840-PC-edit-512 IMG_1846-PC-edit-1024 IMG_1920-PC-edit-1024 IMG_1949-PC-edit-512 IMG_2009-PC-edit-1024 IMG_2031-PC-edit-512 IMG_2039-PC-edit-1024 IMG_2059-PC-edit-1024 IMG_2072-PC-edit-1024


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