Campsite was next to a fair grounds which was open so as I used their modern facilities Luna slept in.  She must have been having a good dream from all the drool!


The ride from Holyoke to Fort Collins was quite scenic but wow it was a heavy industry road.. Many semi trucks and commercial equipment rolling down the road at 65mph.  URAL maintained speed of about 60 but still was being passed frequently.


Stopped after running out of fuel, the tiny towns along the road have no service stations but thankfully I had my jerry can full.  That was enough to get me into Fort Collins.


She’s a lover not a fighter.


In Fort Collins, stopped at Unique Rides and Randy with his family set me up with replacement parts.  I rolled the bike up under a tree for some “shade tree service” and got the new parts in while working over lunch.  Bike does breathe better now, perfect for being up in the higher elevation!

Sidecars galore!


After the repairs the temperature was rising into the 90s so made a pit stop at PetSmart to relax in some air conditioning and Luna pick out a treat.  She got some busy bones and a pink harness.  From then it started raining which helped cool the temps, we ride along Pearl Street to check out all the cool little independent shops.. spotted a cured meats shop so I know where I’ll be heading before leaving town!

While out cruising my cousin Mark who lives in Boulder gave me a call so now staying with him and his family for a couple nights.  We went to a nice Thai food restaurant last night. Had the spicy papaya salad. Asked for it to be extra spicy.  Mmm. 


Rain cleared up and left behind this great sight.  Mark’s daughter replied after seeing the rainbow about something with rainbow goblins drinking rainbow juice.  I’m lost there.



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