Giddy Up 409

Well bad news was dealer in Lincoln didn’t have the parts needed for a repair, and the other shop is on vacation until next week… called the other dealer in Fort Collins and they do have it, just 500 miles away.. luckily my ugly repair is holding up great.Β  Today covered 409 miles and not a single stall.Β  Will make it to Fort Collins πŸ™‚

Today was definitely a long day with the lack of scenery of southern Nebraska.. There were good 50 mile stretches of just flat straight roads.Β  The heat didn’t help much either.Β  Oooh, and if you other guys ever buy a Klim jacket, remember which pocket you use!! No joke I literally spent 30 minutes trying to find my keys after getting gas.Β  Dang Klim Badlands jacket has like 30 pockets!Β  The UDF (URAL Delay Factor) from strangers asking questions must have caused a short circuit in my brain placing they keys in some random pocket.Β  For a while I thought someone may have stolen the keys!

Lunch pit stop


Brain freeze!


Choo Choo!


Made it πŸ™‚


The lovely campsite.. $25/night!… ouch.


At least the view is decent.



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