Couple days on the road now.

Finally have a decent enough signal to upload a post.  In western Iowa right now taking Iowa hwy 2.  First day I left was Tuesday about noon.. off to a late start due to rain.  Made it near Peoria Illinois for camp.  Then yesterday rode to camp in Clarinda, Iowa.  About midday I noticed the bike would die when I would come to a stop, and starting I had to keep the revs high.  When rolling down the road at 4400+ rpm I could see fuel droplets coming out in front of the carb, not good!   Inspect it and both carb boots were cracked.  There is a dealership one hour away in Nebraska so giving them a call once they open up.  Thankfully a local auto parts store opened after hours for me and was able to supply some high temperature gasket goo.  At camp I spent the night mending the boots and so far this morning they seem to be working great.. Bike even idles with no issue and no stalling!

Stopped to say bye to my mother.


Luna taking a nap while I work on the Ural.




Pioneer county park in Iowa. Camped here for the 2nd night. Had a shower too!


Gasket material on a boot.



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